How Stakk Works

The Booking Process For Employers

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How Stakk Works – The Booking Process

A Step-by-Step guide was to what happens when you make your first booking.

1. Start by making your booking through our Booking Page, where you fill out your job details. This includes your details (phone, email), the details of your task (number of workers, location, length, type of task etc.) and your payment details. Once you have booked, we will receive a notification and begin sourcing students interested and capable of completing your job.

How to Hire On Stakk

2. Post receiving our booking notification, we start contacting students in your area. Our selection process uses location, reviews and other key demographics to pick out appropriate students for your job.

3. Once we have found someone right for your task, they will be assigned to it through our booking platform. You’ll receive an email notification saying that your booking is confirmed, and that will include the name of the student doing your job.

4. The funds for the job will be put on hold by your bank. This doesn’t mean that we have access to the funds, kit just means that your bank will hold onto them until the job is confirmed as complete.

5. The job will be done to, hopefully, an exemplary standard. If not, we would be happy to offer a refund or send another student round free of charge.

6. Your bank will release the funds to us, and we, in turn, will pass those onto the students after removing a handling fee (covering insurance, commission etc.) of 20%.

7. You will be prompted to leave a review, and we hope it will be a good one.

Thank you for using Stakk.

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